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sales process

The challange to solve

The challange we are solving:  Well trained distributors are usually forty minutes to inform and educate prospects all about X39. Then the candidate is well enough informed and interested in deciding to put X39 on monthly auto-ship, even though the preferred customer has 90 days payback guarantee. When the prospect decides to buy, he needs to learn and do the preferred customer auto-ship order online and then wait for the product to be delivered.

Why not solve this challange and automate this process? 

Allow the masses to buy inexpensive five days of therapy and get the patches immediately delivered. As well, all prospects will get the same high-quality X39 training email series, so they have got step by step all information about X39 and the benefit to be a preferred customer. This way, it is possible to inform the masses and generate countless leads for the follow-up process.  

X39 education is the most crucial factor, so prospects like to be long term preferred customers.

The five days of information strategy:     

Day1: The benefit using X39   

Day2: Testamonials   

Day3: How does X39 works and clinical studies
Day4: Other pathes with other important roles
Day5: How is the best way to buy X39 for long time use 

Therefor we sell inexpensive five days of therapy

Benefit for prospect
- Inexpensive 
- Easy to understand
- Easy purchase decision
- Immidiately delivered
- Automatic education (5 days)
- Learn how easy it is to use X39
- Immidiate effect

Benefit for sale represantative
- Simple sales
- Easy to explain
- Can start to sell on the first day
- Automatic education
- Save time
- 50% sales commission
- Simple follow-up
- Long-term subscriptions
- Many sales channels
- Endless super qualified sales leads

Sales process
-  Sell five days of therapy
-  Signup the customer on autoresponder (5 educational letters)
-  Follow up, a phone call on day 6
-  Enroll preferred customer


block diagram.jpg

The sales prosess

- SELL:    Sales representative sells inexpensive 5-days therapy in masses and signup the customer for free five days autoresponder training (5 days email series all about the X39 stem cells activator, testimonials and the LifeWave technology).

- EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE:   The five days email educational campaign will inform and educate the customer about X39 and LifeWave. The customer will also experience these five days, the most dramatic anti-aging and rejuvenation product of our time. Benefits can be immediate, unlike most products, our product goes to work the minute the customer applies it. The customer will also learn how simple it is to use X39 regularly.

FOLLOW UP:   After the five days of education and experience period, the sales representative calls the customer as promised when he bought the five days of therapy. The sales representative asks the customer how he feels. If the customer has some questions regarding email education, he helps the customer to enroll as a preferred X39 customer (auto-ship).

- BUILD ORGANIZATION: When the sales representative has learned the above sales process, he can start to coach new sales representatives.

Where to sell 5 days theraphy

The most crucial element is the personal service because the heart and brain in this sale system is to signup the customer on automatic five days of education autoresponder. 

One of the advantages of selling five days of therapy is that the sales representative doesn't need to be trained to have a 40-minute presentation for the prospect. Still, he just needs to know the benefits of using X39 and how to signup the customer on the informative autoresponder.

That opens a big opportunity that sales representatives who are qualified distributors can have many sales representatives like busy hair-, beauty or massage therapists, which just sell the five days therapy and signup the customers on the autoresponder.

Then the qualified distributor does the phone call and follows up process. This way, the distributor can coach many sales representatives to make the sales, and he does the follow-up process. So the sky is the limit.

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